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DH77KC /Intel pentium support issues

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Hi,I recently purchased an Intel DH77KC motherboard and a Intel Pentium g870 Processor.I assembled my pc,and everything was working fine. That is ,until I had a memory post issue.So I contacted Intel support,who then rudely told me that my g870 is a tray processor ,and that it was unsupported by my DH77KC,and that was why I was having this issue .The thing is,my g870 IS a retail processor ,It was intel factory sealed and came with a 3 year warranty.Also, the memory issue was simply a voltage issue,and once I discovered this I realized the Intel support member was completely wrong.Now,my problem is I have a retail cpu,but it is listed as Tray on the Intel website and thus "unsupported" by my motherboard.So I emailed Intel a month ago,and have yet to recive anything in return from them.So ,what gives with there website having mistakes like this,and there support team kinda treating customers like crap (I have talked to about 20 of them,and they were all rude/just plain useless).So,what gives?

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There are two G870 versions.

CM8062307260115 is an OEM/tray microprocessor

BX80623G870 is a boxed microprocessor

Source link:]Intel Pentium G870 - CM8062307260115 / BX80623G870]Intel Pentium G870 - CM8062307260115 / BX80623G870

The supported CPU list for your board also does not show the G870 CPU so they were correct in that regard. Maybe Intel just has not tested your board / CPU combination to make sure they are compatible. if it is working well, I wouldn't worry about it.