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DH77KC with SSD. Random boot-drive order.

DH77KC - I installed an SSD along with the 3 HDD I a already have, and then transferred the boot disk to the SSD and set it as the first boot option in the BIOS. Every time I start the PC, the BIOS seems to mix up the order of the boot disks randomly, and spits out the 'no boot disk' error. I then have to go into the bios and save the SSD as the first boot disk, and after that it boots OK. That is until I turn the PC off again...

What causes this?

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Community Manager

what operating system? I had Windows 7 installed using UEFI (GPT DISK) and it would boot that disk before anything else. I would try doing a fresh install on the SSD, then see if the comp boots that first, if it does then copy\transfer your stuff back onto that SSD and it should boot first.