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DH87MC Boot errors following restoration of 120 volt power?


Just got a custom machine built, noted boot errors when the power has been re-applied after having been off for more than about 10 minutes. After shutting down properly, I then pull the plug for safeguards from lightning strikes on the power grid. I first thought the boot-up problem was related to known problems when external HDDs (2TB and a 3TB WD) are connected before start-up, which masked the power restoration issue. Got suspicious when I got the same problem with the external HDDs disconnected. Ran the same tests several times, got consistent results. I thought possibly the memory battery was weak, but I don't think so because the clock doesn't reset when the 120 volt power has been unplugged. My troubleshooting/diagnostic techniques are based on 40+ years of two-way radio repair, with having to learn computers "the hard way" over the last ten years or so. Sorry if I didn't mention more "numbers",

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Brass-Monkey, would you please provide me additional information on this behavior, in order to find out the exact issue you are experiencing?

  • What kind of boot errors are you getting?
  • Are you able to access BIOS?
  • Which the current BIOS version is?
  • Does the system reboot in a loop or it shuts down automatically?
  • Have you tested the system out of the chassis with minimum configuration?
  • Have you tried using another power supply?

In addition to all those question, please let me know your system configuration to check compatibility

  • Processor:
  • Hard drives:
  • Memory:
  • Any additional device: