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DH87RL – BIOS 0327 does not display "BIOS Legacy" boot devices anymore [F10].


Dear Intel Team,

I have updatet the DH87RL board to BIOS version 0327, but now when pressing [F10] all "Legacy Bios" boot devices are not displayed anymore.

Instead unknown unkown is shown for every non-UEFI boot device, whereas the desktop board still boots from the first "Legacy Bios" device if [F10] is not pressed at INTEL boot prompt.

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Did the problem occur with previous BIOS versions?

Have you tried rolling back to an earlier BIOS revision? You can perform this task with BIOS recovery method.

Here is the link for earlier BIOS: Intel® Download Center

Instructions for BIOS recovery available below: Desktop Boards — Instructions for Recovery BIOS Update



Hi Allan,

I flashed down to the BIOS version 0326 and now the "BIOS Legacy boot selection" by [F10] works again.

I need to boot from CD/DVD via [F10] option, since in the DH87RL's setup I have always the HDD as first boot device.

I took a screenshot of the boot menu [F10] under BIOS 0327:

There is one HDD with a msdos disklabel (MBR – BIOS-Legacy-Boot) and one optical drive with the

SystemRescueCD with both, UEFI-Boot and BIOS-Legacy-Boot facility. (

It is by the way exactly same problem with the openSUSE13.2 bootable installation DVD.

I have two completely useless entries "Unknown Unknown" in the boot menu (BIOS 0327) then.

But the DH87RL does boot from the first BIOS Legacy boot device if I do not press [F10] at Intel boot promt,

depending on which device comes first in the Intel Visual Bios setup of the DH87RL.

In contrast, here is the same constellation with the DH87RL BIOS 0326:

Is there anything wrong with the BIOS version 0327 of the DH87RL?

How do I do a true reset to the mainboard's firmware so that it loses all previously stored/saved settings?

Removing of the battery and disconnecting of the board for 24 hours did not help.

After another flashing with BIOS 0327 I had those "Unknown Unknown" entries again.