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DH87RL - BIOS 0331 only shows one "Legacy" boot device in F10 menu

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I updated the DH87RL desktop board from BIOS version 0326 to 0331, but now when pressing [F10] all "Legacy Bios" boot devices are not displayed anymore, except the first device on the "SATA-0" port of the DH87RL.

This means I cannot boot from CD or DVD anymore, as the device is connected on "SATA-2".

Furthermore a bootable USB-flashdrive (Legacy Boot) is no longer displayed in [F10] menu with BIOS version 0331.

If I enter the setup utiliy [F2] (Intel Visual BIOS) then all currently connected (Legacy BIOS) bootable devices are shown, no matter if SATA or USB.

Another Problem is, that the new BIOS version 0331 does no longer save any change of the boot priority of the devices in the Legacy Boot section of the setup.

Note: I flashed the DH87RL unter MS Windows 10 using the file RLH8710H.86A.0331.EB.EXE with only one SATA-device connected to the DH87RL.

After a re-flash to BIOS version 0326 the boot menu [F10] is shown fully and it is also possible to change the boot device priority in the setup utility [F2].

I have not tested BIOS versions 0327 or 0330, since the BIOS version 0331 contains the Intel CPU Microcode Update for the purpose of the Spectre V2 mitigation, so this should be the one to use.

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I flashed my DH87RL board using the F7 Update key from BIOS 0330 to 0331 with no issues. I can see all devices in Visual BIOS and from the F10 Boot menu. Did you load defaults after the flash update? Maybe you should flash to 0330 first then flash to 0331 using the F7 flash key. Hope that works out for you.

I did check and BIOS 0331 does fix the Spectre & Meltdown issues as long as you also update your Windows to the latest updates. If you don't, it will still show as vulnerable.


What is InSpectre? Is it a downloadable software? Is it from Intel?


It is a tool for checking if your system has been patched for the Meltdown / Spectre flaws. It is by a company called Gibson Research Corporation and it is free. GRC | InSpectre


Thanks idata for the accurate description of the unsolved problem.

I did the missing testing.

As you mentioned downgrading to 0326 removes the problem.

Updating to 0327 then 0330 then 0331 than 0332 seems to work in the first shot but after a day the problem was there again.

Therefore I tested if downgrading to 0327 would heal the problem too. No success :-(


My assessment is: 0326 is the ONLY working BIOS for the Intel DH87RL