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DH87RL - No USB power after exiting BIOS or restarting

We have around 100 DH87RL motherboards which all have thew same issues, updated to the latest 322 bios and still have the same problem

When we press f2 to enter the bios, then save and exit the BIOS this process kills power to all the USB ports, therefore rendering the machine useless when it starts up as there is no way to use a keyboard or mouse (its not a windows/software issue as it happens before the OS loads)

The only way to remedy the problem is to physically unplug the PSU, once unplugged you need to leave it for at least 10 seconds for all the capicitors to drain before switching it back on again

we have tried this with many different PSU's all with the same effect, along with the onboard intel I217V Network Card flooding our network with IPV6 multicast packets I am totally gobsmacked that a company such as Intel would release such a buggy mainboard

Does anyone know how to resolve the "lack of USB power" after a soft reboot

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o.k just found out the solution myself, disabling fast boot in the bios UEFI setup allows the USB devices to function properly, I know this is required to be disabled in order to fast boot however it doesnt help if you are stuck on "Launch Startup Repair" or "Resume Hibernation" under windows and are unable to select the option

Now if only we could resolve the IPV6 multicast flood with the onboard NIC issue we may consider continuing with these desktop boards



When are you seeing the multicast packets? Only once you are in Windows, correct?