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DH87RL - Problem installing printer (Canon iP4950)



I'm facing big problems when trying to install my printer Canon iP4950 on my new machine,

although printer and driver seem to be Windows 7 (64bit) compatible!

(This printer was working without any problem on my old machine with Windows XP !)


- DH87RL

- BIOS and all drivers updated to newest version

- using Windows 7 Professional, 64bit, SP1 + all updates and patches so far

- newest Canon printer driver 64bit, v2.56 (for Win7 and Win8/8.1)

When I install the Canon drivers, I can see two devices to be installed:

1.) USB printing support

2.) iP4950 printer

After the installation the printer is recognized and works like expected!

BUT.... when I turn off the computer and restart again, there will be installed an "unknown device" (USB) instead of "USB printing support".

So "USB printing support" is no longer active and therfore my printer won't work any more!

I can reinstall the printer by first manually deinstall the printer driver and also "unknown device" and "USB printing support" in device manager.

But this will last only until I restart again... !

I tried with different USB panels (2.0 and 3.0) and with different cables also.

Can anyone give me some hints or tips to solve this issue?

Thank you in advance for your help!

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Kamaste, I am very sorry for all the trouble you have been facing with your DH87RL Motherboard and the printer.

We can perform some troubleshooting steps in order to find out what is causing this behavior:

• Test another device using the same USB port just to find out if you are getting the same behavior.

• Make sure you download the correct drivers for your printers, since it looks to be compatible to work on Windows 8 and Windows 7, this behavior looks like is related to lack of drivers.

• Test the system out of the chassis.


Hi Sylvia.

Unfortunately I have no other printer device available for testing,

so I connected some external HDDs without problems at the same USB Port.

The only thing I observed was, printer and "old" HDD connect to port# 0004/hub# 0001,

whereas "new" HDD connects to port# 0019/hub# 0001 (at the same physical USB connector)

but I suppose this is because of USB 2.0 (printer and old HDD) and 3.0 (new HDD)

Printer is windows 7 compatible: Kompatibilit&# 228;t mit Windows 7 f&# 252;r Canon Pixma iP4950 Inkjet Printer-Modell

Driver is also windows 7 compatible:

and I downloaded the correct drivers:

Out of the chassis? No I did not!

why that?


OK here's some more interesting news, I found out right now:

As I said, when I once install the printer, everthing works fine as long as I do not power off the computer.

When I reboot the system an unknown device is installed instead of the USB printing support and the printer won't work any more.

BUT...when I unplug the USB cable from the printer during boot time until windows has started and then I connect the USB cable again, the USB printing support remains active and the printer works !!!

Of course this can only be "some sort of solution" but it's very impracticable and can not be a final solution!

Elsewhere I read about some USB issues with the H87 chipsets (C1 stepping), maybe this is some similar issue here?


I have faced Installing driver in my epson xp 430 windows but i solved it using this Guide Download Driver


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