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DH87RL how to Reset Bios - clear the CMOS



i accidently undervolted the CPU too much and now it doesn't boot anymore. No picture, no Beep.

After power on the CPU Fan start spinning, after about 10 seconds it stops. After 2 seconds it starts spinning for 10 seconds and on and on.

how can I reset the Bios (clear the CMOS) of an DH87RL.

Bios: 0320

Tried so far:

1. Disconnnect Power cord, Remove CMOS Battery for 1 hour.

2. Disconnnect Power cord, Remove CMOS Battery for 8 hours.

2. Disconnnect Power cord, Remove CMOS Battery for 24 hours.

The symptoms where always the same.

I had the same issue with the RAM but i changed to other RAM. After 24 hours without battery the BIOS settings where the same as before.

I followed this advice: Desktop Boards — Computer does not boot after changing BIOS settings

Greetings, and thank you


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Balvak, we already notified our engineering team about this situation. As soon as I receive any information I will provide the answer on this thread.

Would you please fill in the following information:

  • AA number and Serial number of the motherboard:
  • Processor model:
  • Memory manufacturer and part number:
  • Wattage and model of the power supply installed:
  • Model number of the PCI-e devices installed:
  • Any additional peripherals:



You may want to check the following thread from a user that was having the same behavior and he got it fixed /thread/44769