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DH87RL + i7-4785T boot problem



I have recently bought a new computer with a DH87RL motherboard and an i7-4785T processor. No cards installed in the expansion slots.


Under certain conditions, there is no way for the computer to properly turn on:
  • First turn on after being unplugged: I plug the PSU to the outlet, then I press the power button and everything seems to power up (fans, lights, hard disks), but there is no video signal. So now I press the power button for 4 seconds and the system turns off, and then if I try to turn it on again, this time it does perfectly.
  • When having the operating system up and running, if I turn the PC off and then on (without unplugging from the power outlet), I still have no problems at all.
  • When having the operating system up and running, if I restart the PC, the screen remains black. To recover from this point I have to do as with the first case: press power button for 4 seconds and then turn on again.
  • When having the operating system up and running, if I press the Reset button, the screen also remains black, just like the previous case.


As you can see, the system only seems to work after turning it off and on through the power button.

If I replace the CPU with an i3-4130T, everything works prefectly! I have installed the latest motherboard BIOS but nothing changed.


Can you guys shed some light on this? Any clues?


Thanks and regards,



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Hello Sebas, it is a strange behavior but as you may see from the link below the i7-4785T is not a compatible processor for this motherboard model.

I am sorry for the inconvenience.