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DH87RL - no bios recover working


Hi Community

Just received a DH87RL. I did build a System mSATA SSD; system did boot/BIOS splash visible.

Install pve Linux 2.6 on mSata with KVM work fine for me a few days. (perfect Motherboard)

But system restarts after shutdown every Time. Only pressing Powerbutton while BIOS splash visible stops rebooting.

I start update BIOS ( to latest BIOS, with 4GB USB-Stick.


While select the .BIO file and press Enter, short Flash on HDMI-Screen and System is down.

System did not boot again, no BIOS/BIOS splash visible over HDMI or DVI.

  1. I follow Instructions for Recovery BIOS Update ( with USB or CD-ROM (Point 7. not visible for my).
  2. Maximal 4 Beeps on pressing PowerButton at Power on is working and Shutdown the System. Pressing PowerButton while waiting for 3 Beeps but no Bootscreen visible. Nothing happens on pressing F2, F9...


No Error Beep Codes on Systemstart.


No led flashing on USB-Keybord.

System is not Booting over Bootable USB-Stick, mSSD-HD, SATA-HD, SATA-BD or pxe Netboot-Server.

Are there any other solutions to update/recover Bios?

best regads


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Hi Dirk, you may try removing the power and CMOS battery for half hour and then try a BIOS recovery. However, if you do not get the expected beep codes (without RAM) I believe the chances are not good.

May I ask what the previous BIOS version was? It is highly recommended to update the BIOS incrementally.