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DH87RL - no video on dedicated graphics


Hello Community,

I have a somewhat strange problem with my DH87RL board. I'm using it in my pc for over a year now and the dedicated graphics adapter suddenly stopped working while I was browsing the web under Windows.

First of all I thought that my graphics adapter died (it's a ASUS Nvidia GeForce 750Ti OC) so I ordered a replacement, but the board still says that it can't find the adapter. The integrated graphics of the Intel i7 4770T works fine, the graphic cards (both) work fine in other PCs.

What I tried so far:

- Exchanging the graphics card with a new one - no success

- The trick to remove the bios battery for about 10hrs and reboot - did not work, no changes detected

- Setting the bios security pins to "reset", reboot and "normal" afterwards - just disabled the internal graphics too (without any BEEP sounds - just no signal on all ports - windows boots as normal in the background)

[removing the PCI-e card again brought back the signal from the internal graphics]

- Setting the bios settings to default in the bios gui. - nothing changed

Do you have a clue what I could test to get my card to work again?

Thank you for your ideas.


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