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DH87RL still NO XMP support after Bios 0323!!!



Hey Intel just to let you know you still not have fixed this issue with this board when setting the XMP 1600 option in the Bios. Manual settings don't work either.

I have used your boards for 10 years. Built over 1000 pc's for my customers using your MB products, and I wanted to test these boards

for my clients to see if they were worth buying 100 units for my customers this year.

Sadly although you say you have fixed the issue with bios 0323, it is not fixed. You have forced me to use a different manufacturer for my performance builds right now. You have not resolved this XMP issue. Verified this issue using two other motherboards from other manufactures and I even tested this memory in my Intel DP55KG board and XMP works with no issue. But not in the DH87RL!!

Kingston Hyper X KHX16C10B1RK2/16X Does not work at XMP speed as selected in the bios. XMP certified memory 1.3

Crucial Ballistix Black PC3-128000 8gb or 16gb kits also do not work at XMP speed as selected in the bios. XMP certified memory 1.3

When can we expect a bios update that truly fixes this issue. I have 5 of these boards that will need a bios update to resolve this issue now.

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Hi Toyo321,

I am sorry to hear you are having problems.

The information you provide to us is very important. At this point there is no new BIOS update posted but it will be soon since the new Bios also will fix some other known issues. We do not have an ETA yet but hopefully it will be soon.