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DN2800MT Non Boot with TBS6981 PCI-e Card


My DN2800MT board is set up with mSATA OCZ NOCI 60gb + 1 off 4GB Kingston SoDIM, its running Windows 7 Ultimate with the latest BIOS from September flashed.

The PC runs fine and does all as expected until i plug my TBS6981 DVB S2 Tuner card in, once plugged in and powered on the board does nothing other than illuminate the power light, the VGA doesnt bring the monitor out of standby and i don't get any POST indication or beeps (not sure if there is an onboard beeper). All i can do is just power it off again.

I have tried almost every setting in the BIOS and i get the same effect

From what i can see the card is PCIe 1 compliant using a boot, n2800mt

PCIe bridge: Conexant CX23885 chip TBS6981 DVB-S2 Dual Tuner PCIe Card-Internal TV Tuner Card for PC TBS 6980/6981 - LinuxTVWiki

Latest drivers etc installed, although this doesnt sound like its a driver issue

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Ben64, we try to make our products compatible to many third party components as possible, but we cannot always guarantee compatibility. Unfortunately in this instance this would appear to be the case.

Have you tried another PCI device on your motherboard, like a video card, in order to check if you got the same behavior?



It does seem to be a common issue with some motherboards, but it does appear to be the motherboards issues rather than the card. it seems to suggest it will work as long as the PCI-e spec has been followed correctly TBSDTV Community Forum • View topic - About PCI-Express compatibility issues