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DN2800MT and DVBSKY S950 Pci-e. System don't start


I have mb DN2800MT running perfectly. The system are compose of one 60Gb SSD, USB keyboard and USB mouse.

Today I have added a new DVBSKY S950 pci express card and the system don't start anymore.

No video output. No Intel bios logo. I think that the mb hangs at bios init sequence.

I have tried also with 200W power supply, if are needed more power but the problem are still present.

I tryed also in other system if DVBSKY card are working. In H61 chipset mb are working perfectly.

For Intel BIOS developers, please investigate for this problem and release eventually a new fix bios for this mb.


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Community Manager

Hello Massimo,


I will forward your feedback up. In the meantime I recommend you to test with a different card and make sure that you are using the latest BIOS version and enable the expansion card text in the boot tab.





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I enabled text mode for pci expansion card but same result. System hangs before starting any bios output message. Only blank black screen. No other signs.

I try with other PCI-e card of other manufacteur (TBS 6920) but same result.

Now I think that Intel DN2800MT are totally incompatible with Conexant CX23885 chipset. Many new satellite pci-e card are based on this pci-e bridge chip.

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Hello Intel, MiikePVR and all others.

Final episode on DN2800MT:

Today testing is to external powering PCI express card to tell that not are power issue.

Connect 12V and 3.3V directly to power supply don't change the situation.

MiikePVR as already mentioned, and now confirmed not are the mb that can't draw much power to card.

Problem are in the bios or in the NM10 chipset that are incompatible with CX23885 pci bridge.

Last test for today, I measured power consumption of this card:

From 3.3V use 0.63A

From 12V use 0.26A

Almost total of 5.2W that is below of max 10W as required by Intel design.

PLEASE Intel make last word on this problem. Resolve Soon ! ! !

PS. Intel if you need more testing on yours products before marketing, call me.

Community Manager


I have just bought this DN2800MT board and to my disappointment, my Avermedia H727 card did not work.

I normally get things working but I gave up on this one.

Did Google search and surprise surprise found this thread.

Same problems

Computer will not boot, Card wont get detected, Drivers would take forever to install then give up.

Intel. why have you placed pcie x1 on this board when it doesn't work?

I have not seen such cheap selling tactics In my entire life.

Take that pcie x1 connector off so people can decide what to buy and do not end up buying this DN2800MT in false hope.


I will be sending it back.

Community Manager


I had the same problem.

I believe that the issue is that the dn2800mt can only supply 10w to an expansion card. It doesn't matter how big the power supply is. THis limit of the board is documented in the dn2800mt technical specification from intel.


THis rules out most pvr cards, certainly ones with dual tuners. It really restricts what you can do with the dn2800mt.

I think that intel should look at this restriction and see if it can be removed in newer boards. At the least the board should boot and display and error code indicating that the expansion card tried to draw more than 10w and therefore would not start.

I wasted money trying different cards until I realised they all needed more than 10w. In the end I had to go with USB pvrs which can then be externally powered.

Hope that this helps

Community Manager

Hello Mike,

I had read technical specification before buy my pci-e card and I know the limitation of 10w in the slot, and I have choose the DVBSKY card because it have a new low power tuner chip and over all it have supplementar power connector on card to give more power supply. But in any case, in my test on other desktop board I try without power connector connected on card and it is working perfectly. In this card the manufactor tell that power usage is optional. But in any case knowing the 10w limit, I connected the card directly to power supply and not at the sata power of dn2800mt board precisely to avoid power board overload.

But in any case if you read this board, many users have problem with any kinds of tv tuner card also in full desktop board like DH77..., it is an wide Intel problem for bios that not correctly initialize this type of cards.


Community Manager

Hello again,

I think meanwhile an crazy test to understand if mb hangs because power limit is reached or not.

Now I buying this pci-e extension on ebay PCI-E 1X Slot Riser Card Extension Flex Relocate Cable | eBay

and when i receive it, I will cut the power pin on flat cable and connect directly on external power supply in such a way that the cards is powered directly and not through the mainboard's slot. It is a crazy test, but I think so we can find out if are problems of power limit or bios bugs. Once I power the pci-e card independently from the mb, if not are present other things or Intel's halloween mistery , all should be working fine or it will destroy all.

I'll let you know how it ends.

Community Manager

Hello Intel,

do not forget us, poor users of DN2800MT boards.

In this world don't are only series 7 chipset mb. Porting TV tuner fix on this board too.

Not because I own this mb, but really this is one of the most innovative Intel products that have thousand of application and markets like car PC, entertainment, small file server, etc etc Do not abandon us!