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DN2800MT how to reduce power consumption



We are facing a problem of power consumption with the DN2800MT.

We elected the well kown DN2800MT for its low price and its capability to be powered by a 19V DC.

This is going as an "embedded PC without any screen" in a measurement equipment controlled in remote.

To try to reduce the power consumption and so the heating of the system, we tried to disable the Intel GMA3650 inside the BIOS menu.

We are running windows 8 (where effectively there is no graphic card seen in the hw peripherics)

The BIOS version is MTCDT10N.86A.0170.2013.1217.1101 and if we connect a display there is nothing on it


Only problem there is no power consumption reduction between before and after the removal of the primary display capability disabling in BIOS the Intel GMA

we have 611mA @ 19V in every case when win8 is in idle.


If somebody have a trace, we will be thankfull to her/him.

We could use WIN7 if that could raise a solution




PS I join a snapshot of the BIOS screen

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Hello fral,

Let me help you with this.

Disabling the onboard graphics will not make a difference because the processor is still active. I mean to say that the onboard is inside the processor therefore the processor will always consume the same voltage even though the graphics controller is disabled.

The power consumption can increase or decrease depending on the devices connected in the NUC such as the SSD or memory but most of the times will be using the same voltage.

If any other user can provide feedback on this will be much appreciated!