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DN2800MT will no longer boot


I have been running a system with the DN2800MT desktop board in it for about 18 months. Very light use. Now it will not boot. It displays the "intel DESKTO BOARD" splash screen and offers a menu of keyboard options (BIOS Settings: , BIOS Flash Update: , Boot Menu: ) for 25 seconds, but is unresponsive during this time. There is also "EB" below the menu. The screen then goes black for a few seconds with the video signal going off for part of this time. It then re-displays the splash screen and repeats the process.

If I start with no connections to the motherboard except power and video (no hard drive, no memory, no keyboard), I don't get the splash screen and the front panel LEDs blink.

If I add memory, I get the cycling splash screen. I have 2 memory SO-DIMMs and have tried each separately as well as both. Having the hard drive installed or not makes no difference. Having a keyboard plugged in or not makes no difference. Using the VGA or HDMI port makes no difference. The keyboard that I am using has a green LED that comes on when I plug it into other systems, but it does not come on when I plug it into this system. When I plug a flash drive into this system its LED will flash ON for a few seconds. I have tried every USB port. I have also tried booting with the BIOS configuration jumper set for Configure with no change.

If I attempt to boot with the BIOS configuration jumper to Recovery I get no video and the front panel LEDs are steady.

The power brick is rated for 110W.

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I am sorry to hear that have had issues with the board model DN2800MT.

Let's try performing BIOS recovery; this is a simple process that may help even if there is no video at all

Instructions for BIOS recovery available below:

File name: MT0170P.BIO



If you still need assistance, I recommend contacting Intel customer support via chat at: