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DP45SG iflash more than 20 minutes

I am using iflash to update the bios on a new configuration computer (almost all new hardware) and having dificulty getting the boot process to complete. I am trying to upgrade the BIOS to eliminate difficulties caused by using a USB keyboard (the only kind supported by the MB).

I am unable to get iflash2 and version 0121 to work at all so am trying slightly older versions which use iflash.

I successfully upgraded to version 0093 (MB was originally 0088) and am trying version 0118. However the iflash progress screen has been stuck at about 90% for 20 minutes.

Does anyone have suggestions?

Should I just leave it indefinately?

Reset the computer?

Also does anyone have suggestions on how to get the computer running. The BIOS config screen ony runs if I set the configuration jumper to the configure position, otherwise the boot process simply hangs on the Intel splash screen. The BIOS set up accurately reports the processor, memory, graphics and hard drives in the box but it will not boot to the CD. The onle boot I have managed is to a DOS formatted USB stick.

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