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DP45sg "enumerating PCI busses" error

Hey all,

I'm trying to revive an old computer of mine that was missing a graphics card. It was sitting unused until my buddy gave me his old EVGA GTS 250. but when I power on, the startup stalls at the motherboard/intel splash screen with a small "50" in the lower right hand corner.

I can't get to BIOS setup or the operating system. I tried resetting the CMOS and wasn't successful.

My computer has the following hardware:

E8400 processor

EVGA GTS 250 graphics

DP45sg motherboard

According to some research, the "50" may be a code for "enumerating PCI busses." I don't know if this helps. Any suggestions?


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Community Manager

The product guide says to install the primary or single PCI-E in the slot closest to the processor. Make sure the EVGA is FULLY seated into the slot. Also make sure you have a PCI-E power cable connected to the EVGA. Normally if you don't connect a power cord to the video card you wouldn't see anything. But it may be possible for the card to work but just misbehave.

If you've tried all of these things and still can't get past POST, I suspect it's the video card that's causing the problem, either it's defective or just not compatible (unlikely though). The product guide does warn that if a video card isn't fully seated in the PCI-E slot, the motherboard can become permanently damaged.

Community Manager

Thanks, Brad. Those are some helpful suggestions.

The graphics card has been installed in the slot closest to the processor and the PCI-E power cable has been securely in place for all of my tests.

I am also concerned that the card may not be fully seated. it always makes me nervous that I have to apply so much pressure to install it. However, the card appears to be fully seated. As far as I can tell, the divider between the contacts appears to be at its maximum depth even though the clip on the end is not fully locked.

I will borrow another video card in the next day or two to see about compatibility or defect.

After posting I realized that my PSU could be causing some issues. Is it possible that a faulty or insufficient power supply could allow the card to display the splash screen but not finish the "PCI enumeration?"