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DP55KG No video after sleep


I tried to wake up computer today after 3 days of sleep and I got no video. I forced the computer to shut down and when I started it still no video, nothing showing up on the monitors. If you wait for a while it will restart on its own but still no video and this happens a couple of time and then it just sits there running as if has booted up but no video. There are no beeps or other sounds when it starts up. The post indicator show 29, completed memory check. What could have caused this and how to I get my computer back?????

The computer is 3 years old and has worked perfectly and always waken up from sleep. Using windows 7 64 and have all drive mirrored.

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Hello veiwsonic,

I recommend you doing the following:

  1. Disconnect all other components from the computer and take the motherboard outside of the chassis.
  2. While having the power supply and other components disconnected from the motherboard, remove the BIOS jumper and the batter for about 15-20 minutes in order to clear the CMOS
  3. Reconnect all other components and turn the system on.

I also recommend you installing the latest drivers for your motherboard that can be downloaded at the following link:

Let me know if further assistance is required