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DP55KG board, intel 330 ssd set up in raid 0, clean install, win 7 says "no bootable drive"

I am attempting to reconfigure my DP55KG for ssd in raid 0. 2 new 120gb Intel 330 ssd drives, installed, raid enabled in bios, raid array constructed under chipset controller (not the Marvell), Windows dvd loads files, I select "custom" installation (clean install), and select the displayed raid array, then get an error message this is not a bootable device. Disconnected everything except the DVD drive, still no success. Board has been running a pair of spinners in raid 1 for the last couple of years, I feel like I am missing something simple....

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Hello skyfyre,


I understand that you are looking to set up an array using 2 Solid-State Drives and you get an Windows* error that the volume will not be bootable.


It seems like you Solid-State Drives are not properly recognized and that might be the problem. From the controller side, the Solid-State Drives will be used as standard hard drives. I recommend you to update your BIOS to the latest version and if the problem continues to manually install the RAID drivers that you can download from the Intel(R) web site.