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DP55KG will not operate in dual channel

I built this computer from parts that are compatible with this motherboard. I followed Intel's instructions for installing the motherboard. I installed 2 4GB OCZ DDR3 matched memory. 1 in each of the blue DIMM slots. When powered up I got 3 short beeps. Memory problem. I switched the memory in the slots, same results. I removed the memory from the Blue B channel and it booted up. I then placed both memory in the A channel DIMM slots and it booted up and works fine except in single channel. I replaced the motherboard. same results. I replaced the memory same results. I can place all the memory in A channel or B channel and it works fine, but it will not boot with memory in both channels.

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Re: DP55KG will not operate in dual channel

I posted this and received no response. I solved the problem by replacing the DP55KG with a motherboard from ASUS

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