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DP55WB Max supported memory and selection of memory?



16GB is max supported memory (RAM) for DP55WB with 1060 and 1333 Hz but what is the should be the selection for best output. 8Gb x 2 or 4Gb x 4?



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8GB DIMMs did not exist when this board was released and thus were never supported. The only way to get 16GB is with 4GBx4.



Forums I've read suggest that this board is finicky when it comes to RAM. I have my DP55WB running with 2x8GB Micron DDR3 (total of 16GB) in the two blue memory slots and a XEON X3450 CPU. System runs great. I haven't been able to get the DP55WB to run with 32GB RAM (all 4 memory slots populated with 8GB DDR3). When I tried, the system takes forever to boot Server 2016 and runs extremely slowly (although it does pass all memory tests).

For what it's worth, I have an Intel DQ57TM socket 1156 motherboard with 4x8GB Mushkin ECC Unbuffered DDR3 (32GB) and a XEON L3426. It is a solid Server 2016 system running multiple Windows and Linux VMs (4 SSDs in RAID 10 using the onboard SATA ports). No problems. System runs 24x7 and is super reliable.

I also have a Biostar TH55HD socket 1156 motherboard with 4x8GB non-ECC DDR3 (32GB) and a Xeon X3450. It's also a solid Server 2016 machine but doesn't support RAID.

Remember that the memory controller for Socket 1156 is in the CPU, so the only way to know whether your desired memory configuration is supported is to be limited by the published memory compatibility list or experiment and find out for yourself.

EDIT: I just upgraded my ASUS P7Q57-M D0 Socket 1156 motherboard to 32gb DDR3 Kingston Hyper-X 1333 RAM (Xeon L3426 CPU). System is solid and passes all memory tests. The only Socket 1156 motherboard that I have found unable to support 32GB RAM is the Intel DP55WB. My limited Socket 1156 motherboard sampling consists of the Intel DP55WB (P55 Chipset) - does not support 32GB RAM, Intel DQ57TM (Q57 Chipset) -does support 32GB RAM, Intel P7Q57-M D0 (Q57 Chipset) - does support 32GB RAM and Biostar TH55HD (H55 Chipset) - does support 32GB RAM. For the Socket 1156 motherboards that support 32GB RAM, I have only run 32GB RAM with Xeon CPUs.