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DP55WB with 32GB ram?

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Dear support team, dear community,

I am working at a scientific institute as an IT supporter for a group of 20 people. Some of my colleagues are working with very large files and would benefit from 32GB of RAM. Recently I have made the (bad) decision to buy 15 new 2x8GB RAM modules (Kingston KVR13N9K2/16) for our ten 2-year old computers containing the Intel DP55WB board. Operating 2x8GB is no problem, even 2x8 and 2x2 was working (but a bit shaky).

As I have learned now, "only" 16 GB of RAM are officially supported for the DP55WB (according to the documentation). Can anybody tell me if I will ever be able to get a 4x8GB configuration to work? Are there plans to make the DP55WB "officially" accept 32GB? Of course I am using the latest BIOS version.

By the way, when I try to turn on the computer with 32GB installed, the bios still recognizes 32GB, but the system speed slows down dramatically (10 minutes boot time for a fresh Debian system compared to 30 seconds). To my surprise, the 32GB even appeared correctly in the Debian memory configuration files. I have already tried some tricks that were posted in different forums (setting the RAM frequency from 1333 MHz to 1064 MHz; increasing RAM voltage) which always made the computer unbootable (I had to reset the bios with the USB stick method).

Thank you very much for your help!


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I believe this is either a limitation of one of the following -



Processor; etc and maybe something to do with SPD though most memory should have this today.

Here is the original Board Specification, however, the latest update has nothing new about Ram

This is rather unfortunate.

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Socket 1156 Accepts 1Gen i3's, i5's and i7's Mainstream CPU's with the memory Controller inside the CPU itself.

This specific memory controller can Handle up to 16GB DDR3-1333MHz. This is by design i am afraid. So there is no other way you can bypass this limitation. Sorry.