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DP67BA no longer POSTs after system freeze.

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After a system freeze (USB lost power, computer stopped responding) which happwns every couple of weeks ever since I got my new computer, my PC no longer boots.

I have an intel DP67BA board with B3 stepping and a 2500K. I have tried everything I can think of to try to localize what is broken, but do not know whether it is the board or CPU.

Right now I only have the PSU, motherboard, ram, CPU, and GPU put together without a case on my desk. When powering up the system the screen remains black; fans power on.

I have tried taking out the bios battery > 1h, with no change. Removing the ram leads to three long beeps, screen still remains black. If I remove the graphics card I do not get any beeps, I think I should. Swapping the graphics card to a known good one also does not help.

I also tried using a 8MB PCI graphics card from a pentium 1 I found in the cellar, but nothing changes. (I do not know if the card still works)

The monitor / DVI cable works correctly when hooked up to a different PC.

Is there any way to determine whether I need to RMA the CPU or the board, or is there anything else I can do?

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Some people have written that a motherboard will only beep if the processor is GOOD so I suspect yours is good. That doesn't point to a bad motherboard though, it could still be bad memory. If you have more than one memory DIMM, try installing just one stick and see if the system completes POST. If no video, try the other stick of memory.

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I've tried 4 sticks, each pair of two sticks in the blue sockets, and single dimms (With both available GPUs). No combination changed the outcome.