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DP67BG Chipset Circuit Design Issue - still support from Intel?



I'm having trouble with my DP67BG motherboard. I think it has the Chipset Circuit Design Issue of the Intel 6 Series Express Chipset.

Sometimes no devices can be found at the integrated SATA ports 2–5 for a longer amount of time. Sometimes it works just fine. The Problem is even that windows 7 gets stuck within a boot loop when the error occurs and while devices are connected on these ports.

I have compared my chipset with the impacted one and it fits.

My question now:

Nearly 6 years after the problem was identified does Intel still give any support about this issue? If yes - what would be their solution? Is it worth contacting support for this?

Or is the only remaining solution to buy an pci-express sata controller?

Thank you very much,


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Your only options are to either add a SATA controller or purchase a replacement motherboard. Your warranty coverage was for three years from date of purchase of the board as a new product from a valid vendor.

Hope this answers it,


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Hello BlackZero,



Thank you for contacting the Intel community.



Unfortunately the motherboard is end of interactive support; however you can try the following:



Remove the CMOS battery from the motherboard and unplug any component connected to the motherboard for at least an hour then plug the battery back and everything else, once that is done try to do a BIOS recovery with the latest BIOS version 2209



If that does not work I suggest taking N. Scott Pearson advice.




Best regards,