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DP67BG Suddenly audio fail - constant white noise.

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Hello, if anyone can shed some light on this I would be grateful.

My son's PC suddenly started making white noise. It was OK one day, the next not. One can just about hear audio (distorted) behind the noise.

I have - without curing the problem:

Checked the speakers & headphones

Uninstalled/reinstalled the onboard audio driver.

Booted to live linux

Removed the graphics card (Asus Radeon HD 6670) which looked as if it might have an HDMI audio element. Replaced it with an old NVidia gt6600. Still the same in Windows & Linux.

BTW, I have an almost identical setup (same board and a Sapphire Radeon HD6670) & have run parallel tests on it (eg I get sound when booting to a live Linux). Both on W7 64bit.

This suggests to me that the onboard audio has died, which would be surprising? Any other things I can try before putting in a warranty claim (board was RMA'd only in May so it's only about 6 months old)


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Hello, I have some questions about your issue:

Does the noise come from the speakers?

Have you tested with a different power supply? What is the wattage or model?

It may also help to recover/update the BIOS. Desktop Boards; BIOS update instructions

Please check the release notes before updating if using version older than 2161.

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Please get real. It worked one day, the next it didn't. Why would the PSU make a difference? Or the BIOS overnight? Yes I tested & substituted the speakers. I installed a sound card & the speakers worked. Ergo it's the board. To date I've jumped through too many hoops, too many BIOS updates, take it out of the case, stand on your head & other time consuming rigmarole. It was shagged. I got an RMA for it. Pity the replacement has gone up in smoke on the first power up.