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DP67BG, USB 3.0 ports and some compatibility issues

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I use Intel DP67BG boars since September 2011 and till last week I did not have any complain of this board even about USB ports - I use a lot if USB-devices including Transcend 1 Tb USB 3.0 HDD. But last week I have bought the Kingston Elite DT USB 3.0 32 Gb flash drive.

Then I have found the following issues:

1. When I insert the flash drive in USB port my PC recognize the flash drive (I can see it in Device Manager) but I cannot see it like disk in Windows Explorer even in Disk Management console. In Command promt - DISKPART - List disk I also do not see this flash. But after some time (about 10-15-20) minutes this flash appeared in Windows Explorer and worked normally.

2. When inserted this flash drive is preventing one of my software (Behold TV-Tuner) from starting (only before recognizing this flash in Explorer).

3. When inserted this flash drive is preventing my PC from starting after rebooting - reboot is stopping after BIOS but before the logon. When flash is removed reboot process is immediatly starting to finish normally - I can logon in the system.

I tried to investigate the issue.

First, I have insert the flash drive in my laptop (Asus X52J, Windows 8 Release Preview). It is working fine - at least the flash drive itself is OK and not defect.

Second, I have installed on my PC second instance of Windows 7 (on another HDD) and started to install the drivers step-by-step with a rebooting after every driver installation.


When I have installed Renesas 3.0 drivers the flash drive was working OK.

My laast driver, which I have installed, was Motorola Bluetooth 2.1+EDR driver. Bingo - immediatly after rebooting the flash drive has stopped to working normally! I can still see it in Device manager but not in Windows Explorer.

I have removed this driver - and flash started to working again (after rebooting).

Now I see two kinds of issue workaround: to remove Motorola driver or to stop Bluetooth adapter in Device Manager. Both are not good passed for me because I'd like use this flash drive not for file transferring but for Ready Boost - and in this situation I need to have it full time inserted and all the devices should be working normally.


Sorry for the long post but may be some from yours, colleagues, can comment this situation or have any ideas? (Sorry for my bad English, please.)
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Thank you for your feedback and we will make sure your comments reaches the correct department for future consideration.

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Thank you, Dan!

If you need I can perform some scenarios on my PC to verify the exact source of problem.

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Hello Artur,

I have a similar issue with my board, meaning, when I plug in my external usb 3.0 hdd (verbatim Store'n'Go 500GB)

my pc stops booting - it freezes at intel logo display screen. It all goes fine when it is not plugged in during power on. I have latest bios. But revision of the board is the first one released - the one with faulty SATA.