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DP67BGB3 - Hard Hang from Keyboard mouse yet networking is functioning



My PC featuring a DP67BgB3 motherboard intermittently hard hangs.  The mouse cursor disappears and keyboard is not responsive.  Caps lock, numeric keypad, scroll lock don’t change state.  The screen freezes with the desktop unchanged from the previous state.  There are no messages, no errors and no video artifacts are displayed.  The screen looks normal except no mouse cursor.  This also happens in safe mode windows.  Have done sfc/scan now and only 1 issue is reported but I think that has always been the case. No updates have been done recently.  Chkdisk /f/r was fine.   I believe the problem is more likely to be aging hardware issue. 

I’ve checked the internal fans are all working but I noticed red intermittent glowing/flashing intermittently on the motherboard circuitry that is in the shape of a skull positioned in the lower left hand corner of the motherboard - just above CC & BB jumpers.  I hadn’t previously noticed whether that area always flashes or glows.  The user guide (p12 – figure 1 - see attached highlight in pink - purple arrow) doesn’t describe this circuitry or being an area of diagnostics.   I have changed the keyboard to ensure that isn’t the problem. Sometimes the hang would happen after an hour.  Sometimes after 5 minutes.  I have also attempted to isolate the cause (from software) by limiting the apps open, no browser sessions open etc.  All the HH lights are illuminated as the PC boots without fail. There are no diagnostic beeps during boot-up or after.

Although the workstation is in a hard hang from the keyboard, mouse & video perspective, I can successfully ping the PC across the network and also access the hard drivers.  There are no diagnostic beeps or BSOD.  The only way to regain direct access to the PC is to reboot. 

I did a memory test on the 1st 4gig memory and that reported OK.  If the graphics card was dead, I would have expected the screen would go black/dead, so I haven’t changed the video card yet to test that.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated whilst I try to migrate off this work horse.



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It sounds to me like you have a failing graphics card. Going blank is not the only way that they can fail.
To verify, if your keyboard has Shift/Num/Scroll Lock LEDs, test if, during hang, you can light one of these by appropriate keypress.

Thanks Scott.  Swapping out the video card is next on my list.  Yes I tested the caps lock, num lock & scroll lock.  They don't change state when the key is pressed.  If they were active (or inactive), a key press doesn't deactivate or activate it.  That is always my first test of  system hang.