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DP67bg boot stops at "one or more fans is missing or not working" type message

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Having fun with these boards....

On the build I've actually got working I have a CPU fan, and front & rear case fans but no aux. The rear fan is an Arctic Pro F 3 pin, temp controlled jobby, the front, a standard 3 pin and the CPU is an Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 PWM.

On boot, it stops at a message about the fans not working or missing. I've looked in the BIOS but can only find settings to adjust temp thresholds etc, rather than being able to satisfy the board that all is OK.

I tried putting another fan on the aux, but that didn't help.

Incidentally on my other DP67bg build (with the RAM issues), when that boots, with only CPU & rear fans attached, there is no message.

Presumably there is a setting in the BIOS somewhere that I've missed. I would greatly appreciate some advice on how to sresolve this.

Thank you.

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Hello Jonathan,

We have not had any similar issues or reports so far but here are our recommendations:

-Test the system out of the chassis with the original stock fan that came with the processor you have.


-Clear the CMOS battery for 30 minutes and test again.


-Make sure you are populating all the fan headers.


-Update your motherboard BIOS to the latest version available: Download Center


Instructions can be found here: Desktop Boards — BIOS update instructions

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Now here's a strange thing - I have done nothing to the PC (setup/config/BIOS etc).

I realised that the machine wasn't restarting itself (this was going to be another post: on shutdown, when the PC was fully shutdown & the leds on the motherboard went out, there was a momentary pause & it restarted. The only way I could shutdown was do hold the power switch in). This suddenly stopped happening.

And I realised that the PC booted straight through OK. I've just restarted the PC & (a) it stayed off and (b)it booted through to login....

How can solid state electronics be variable? Can the BIOS sort itself out?

Should I update the BIOS anyway?

I'll mark the question answered after a couple of days good behaviour from the PC.



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Hi, it did the fan thing this morning after a couple of days booting straight through to login. After day 1 of it booting OK I reconnected the power on switch. I had been using the onboard switch having removed all the connections from the front panel header nearly from the outset, but it made no difference.

After reconnecting ONLY the power on switch, it worked OK yesterday, then today boot halted at the fan message.

So, going back to Dan's first reply, I'm going to have to remove this from the case - what a PITA. I also haven't got a stock fan. I could possibly borrow an i3 cooler, but is it really worth the immense hassle? How would my Arctic cpu cooler, which I can see working on boot, be a problem?

IRO populating all the headers, early on I tried hanging a fan off the aux but it didn't make any difference. I also don't want the noise of an extra fan if I can help it - my old 2004 dual xeon setup manage in the same case without one so this more modern one should be able to cope.

I am very keen to get resolution to my Intel problems, not least as I have 2 PCs not working properly or at all.

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Now the cooler manufacturer is blaming the motherboard manufacturer: from Arctic Cooling

PC doesn't boot up

If the Computer doesn't boot there are several possibilities which could cause that

1) Your mainboard need a -5 volt signal

This currency isn't part of the ATX-standard since ATX 2.0. Some mainboards, specially older models still need it to boot up.

In this case please contact your dealer.

I am now contacting the motherboard manufacturer - is there a -5v signal I can use?


Hi Jonathan,

Our recommendations for this issue would be to use the original CPU fan just to test if you are able to boot.

I connected additional fans to my motherboard and I was able to see them on the BIOS, but I am using 4 pins cooling fans.

According to the TPS of your board on pag 56, all fan headers provide +5V only.


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I'm sorry, thought I had posted up that I have been through the items suggested earlier. I removed the board from the case, I borrowed a stock fan from someone else's PC ) & I borrowed a V1 Arctic cooler fan. This has identified that for some reason or other, the V2 Arctic Freezer is the culprit. I have seen info on the web that suggest this cooler works on this board

I tried removing the CMOS battery - that was a trial in itself & despite being very careful, damaged the holder in the process). No effect.

Populated all the headers as before. No difference.

Updated BIOS. No difference.

Stock fan & earlier AC cooler. Booted OK with or without populated headers.

So that suggests that the fan is faulty & I am now in conversation with Arctic Cooling. who have replied (and helpfully - I'm relieved & pleasantly surprised).

BTW, I've also put the suspect fan in another new build with an Asus P8Z77-V LX and it boots OK absolutely straight out of the box.


Jonathan, if after replacing the fan with Arctic cooling you continue having the same behavior, feel free to contact your local support group for assistance:


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I tried Intel support & after repeating everything thatr had happened to them, he washed his hands on it, blaming the 3rd party fan.

How much hope for my next issue: 82579V network problem...Searching the "Community" shows many many unresolved issues here.