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DP965LT Board issue: System powers up, POST appears and within 5-6 seconds, system shuts down


I have a very peculiar issue. A DP965LT system board, which has been running flawlessly for 3-4 years, now will not boot up. System gets power, POST appears, and before the system could start booting, it shuts down within 5-6 seconds. I've swapped power supplies, which made no difference. I've removed all devices and external connections, except power, video, KB and mouse. No difference. I swapped ram and still no change. I took out CPU, removed and discharged battery for a few hours. Cleaned all heat sink and all suspect dust. Still same issue. I don't get any error beeps. Just shuts down. Could this be a system board issue or CPU? Anyone else experience similar problems?


Thanks in advance!

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Hello Jay,

Does the system stay on if you enter the BIOS? If so, perhaps you may be able to monitor the temperatures and fan speed.

Otherwise, you may test motherboard out of the case in a non-conductive surface with the minimum components and also test the video card in a different system. In case the issue persists, you will probably need to swap the motherboard or the CPU with a different one in order to narrow the cause further.

I hope this helps.