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DQ35MP BIOS update problem and virtualization


Hello guys,

Just upgraded my processor to be able to use visualization on my desktop, but the option is not present on the BIOS sittings. The way to go is to update the bios to the latest version, but it just WON'T!

As you can see on the attach, the latest version is already installed but apparently just half of it (I just got it from a friend that wasn't using it anymore)

I'm using Linux so the usual windows exe is not an option.

Despite my greatest efforts, I could not made a bootable USB with the iso file or a bootable FreeDOS usb to use the universal installer. Boot fails every time.

This is the most promising method, but Recovery simple won't power up the usb stick.

F7 during boot works but update fails on the ME firmware (as shown on attach). ME is apparently not installed at all (version on bios).

I really don't know what else I may try, followed every guide I found on the web and still I'm not able to update my bios.

Anyone with a great idea?!?!?!
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Hello Frazatto, I'm sorry for the inconvenience that you have faced with your board; however I'm going to give some recommendations.

First of all please let me know which is the current BIOS version of your motherboard?

Which is the model number of the processor you bought?

Then, in regards to the operating system let me inform you that we this specific motherboard support Windows Vista and Windows XP.

The support for Windows 7 is what we called As-is. This board is out of support so latest BIOS available will be from 2010 and drives from 2011.


Hello Sylvia, thanks for the reply.

You can check the bios version in the attached file from my original post, it's the latest on. But apparently, very badly updated by the previous owner of the MB.

The processor is a E8600, which supports VTx.


I have no issues with drivers on Linux what so ever, it was an easy installation and the OS is working fine.


Anything else?



I couldn't find your attachment.

Please let me know if this behavior started after you updated the BIOS on your motherboard?

Did you have virtualization with the previous processor?

Please keep in mind that we do not have support on Linux operating system.


Well.....I got this MB from a friend, he must have mis-update it.....

I'm thinking about making a dual boot with windows just for that

Can you tell me if it's possible to execute this procedure using a windows virtual machine?!

My previous processor didn't have virtualization support, that is why I changed it. And that was when I noticed there was a problem with the bios.

Sorry for the file, here it the picture I was talking about: