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DQ67EP Thermal Trip Error


Hi All,

I've got a strange problem with a DQ67EP board here.

System was running fine for roughly 18 months. A few weeks ago, the system started to occasionally power down unpredictably. This gradually became more frequent. After restart, the board indicates a "Thermal Trip" error (warning sound, prompt on screen). I've done the obvious steps: verified the case ventilation, checked seating of HSF, then reinstalled the HSF and applied new TIM. No improvement.

Current status: board is on a test bench connected to a PSU and to a KVM. It starts, I can go to BIOS and e.g. enter the fan control and hardware monitoring menu. Temp reads roughly 50 degrees Celsius there. After a minute or two (indicated temperature barely changes) it powers down. On restart, same Therm Trip warning. From all I can tell there is no reason and no real indication the CPU runs hot.

Any ideas? I've never had a CPU only go "half" wrong in all the years building systems (FDIV bugged Pentium excluded ;-). So current suspect is the board.

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Details of the components might be useful: Board = DQ67EP, CPU = Xeon E3 1235, PSU = FSP Aurum 400, RAM = 2 * 4GB Samsung 10600U, Belkin Flip KVM.

Hi David23, I understand you are having problems with the motherboard and let me help you. All the information you have provided is very helpful and based on that I also think that the issue can be the motherboard. There are just some steps I would like you to try:1. Make sure the heat sink fan is connected to the CPU fan and not the rear fan.2. Power cycle the unit by removing all components from the motherboard and the battery for about 20-30 minutes.3. Try reseating the BIOS settings to default by pressing F9. You probably did these steps but just in case try them again. If you add more thermal paste and issue persists, there may be an issue with the board chipset and a replacement may be needed.