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DQ77KB BIOS Reset Issues


Hi all,

So I've been given a nice little Akasa Euler case which has an Intel Desktop Board DQ77KB installed with a Core i5-3470T installed, has 4Gb of memory installed, and a 30Gb OCZ MSATA drive.

This is an old work machine that I've been given as a freebie, and was previously running some form of operating system as it was hooked upto an LFD and was displaying the company promos and had an RSS news feed ticker running along the bottom - this is how it came built from the vendor into the company - and when I booted for the first time thats what booted up so I know the machine works as intended


My problem is and I must've spent around 5-6 hours looking into this issue and I can see some have a similar issue to the one I'm experiencing yet the answers that fixed their problem don't appear to have fixed mine!


My issue is I want to change some of the BIOS settings, however when the jumper is in 1-2 everything works as should, go into BIOS which asks me for the Supervisor password I press enter and I go into BIOS as the standard user profile, which has access to more or less nothing.


I've as described in various intel docs tried moving the jumper to 2-3 and the bios splash logo appears and nothing but pressing ctrl P (Intel MEBX) works.

I've upgraded the BIOS - still asks for supervisor password

I've downgraded the BIOS - still asks for supervisor password

I've left the CMOS battery out for 10 secs (shorting the pins), 15mins, an hour, 24 hours - STILL asks me for the password


Its really irritating as I can't change the boot order, so I could at least install windows and fire up a BIOS password cracker to at least get in that way!


I'm really gutted as everything I've read gives really good reports and I was really looking forward to a new little computing project, as I say I've looked extensively on the net and on the intel communties with no luck on getting an answer, I'm really hoping one of the Intel forum teams can lend a hand here!








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Hello LudaLuke,

I checked with a DQ77KB board, just to check what happens with the jumper set in 2-3 and this should take you to the BIOS "maintenance mode" and you would be able to reset the password there.

This should work on your board as well, If you do not get to maintenance mode, then this option was most likely removed by the OEM, perhaps you can check with Akasa* to see if this is the case.