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DQ77KB Serial Port enabled by default ?


DQ77KB supports 2 processors without integrated graphics, the E3-1230V2 and E3-1220V2. Is a pci-e graphics required to configure the BIOS with those CPUs, or can I use text-mode HDMI output, serial console (via on-board rs232 connector), serial-over-usb, or AMT serial-over lan (AMT-SOL)?

It's for a machine that would be used exclusively as a server, and therefore would not require HD graphics for my use case. I would like to avoid buying a PCI-E graphics adapter just to configure the BIOS.

I'm worried that the board ships with Serial port disabled and that I wouldn't be able to get a text-visual on BIOS even to enable it. I'm also expecting AMT to be disabled out of the box, because it requires setting passwords, etc. I also assume that text-mode graphics won't make it out to the HDMI port if there are no integrated graphics (hence the warning on the cpu compatibility page), but could be wrong there.

My hope is that I at least the on-board serial port ships enabled, so it's possible to bootstrap AMT-SOL and other configuration. Is this possible ?

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Hello soltest,

In order to enable the back panel graphics connectors you must install a processor with on-board graphics. Since the motherboard does not have a graphics controller built in, the serial port header will not accomplish with the task you are looking for.

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Yeah. Maybe I wasn't clear. I was willing to let go on the backpanel HDMI connector and fallback on text-mode graphics only on serial port. I think the serial port would be enabled out-of-the-box, but I realized that the computer would probably not even pass the POST-check at boot, for lack of a graphics adapter or frame buffer. So, you NEED a graphics adapter to boot, even if you don't plan on using it.

I've looked at cheap options for graphics, e.g. simple VGA adapters on pci-e x1, but couldn't find anything good under 60$ (card + pci-e riser + time needed to carve out the back plate). Not worth it for my use case. I wish there existed a dummy-video-adapter you could just plug in, just to pass POST.