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DQ77KB Won't boot if 5TB USB HDD is connected


Hello community!

My DQ77KB stops booting if 5TB USB Seagate drive is connected. The details are the following:

  • BIOS version is 0056
  • OS is Debian with MBR GRUB
  • POST screen is ok and than it just hangs
  • Everything works ok if HDD is connected after the system has booted
  • HDD model is Seagate Backup Plus STDT5000200
  • Boot order is correct (checked with F10 on startup)
  • USB boot is disabled
  • System boots ok with 4TB Seagate drive connected in place of 5TB drive


Is seems to me the MB tries to boot in UEFI mode when HDD is attached although UEFI boot is disabled in BIOS. What makes me think so is that just the same thing happens when I select force UEFI boot in BIOS with no Seagate drive connected. (But that might be just a coincedence).


Any idea on this?

Thanks and best regards,



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Thanks for joining the Desktop Board community.

I have noticed you are currently operating under Debian.

Does this problem occur on Windows environment?

Have you checked booting up with another computer and the driver connected?

I would recommend checking your Linux distro's Debian -- Support and forums at Debian User Forums • Index page for peer assistance with this installation issue.