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DQ77KB no video


I have seen numerous posts regarding lack of video or perceived failure to post for the DQ77KB. I am now seeing the exact same thing.

DQ77KB, G550T CPU, two 4GB sticks of DRAM straight off the Intel HCL. Connected to a monitor via an HDMI -> DVI cable. Board fired right up and I got into BIOS. The *only* thing I changed was to turn on a fast boot option (I only saw it once so I don't remember precisely what it was, but there were three settings for making the BIOS boot faster, and I changed one). At that point, I saved changes and rebooted. The board powered up for about six seconds, then powered down (not even long enough for the CPU fan to come to a complete stop) and then fired back up again. No video. This is now the behavior of the board 100% of the time -- power up, board comes up for 5-6 seconds, powers itself down, powers itself back up, and runs (presumably) -- no video. I have tried each SODIMM by itself, and together (as it had originally worked once upon a time). No luck. I tried two different monitors, no luck. In fact, the blue LED on the board blinks once when the board first powers up -- and if I wait a bit and then press "ctrl-alt-del" the light blinks again -- exactly at the same moment, as though I am rebooting the board but simply can't see it. So I think the board is actually up and working, however there is no video.

I tried using the jumper to clear/reset BIOS. I removed the CMOS battery for an hour, unplugged the board from power. Nothing is working. Yet I think the board is actually coming up, there is simply no video. When I plug earphones into the green jack, I get a single high pitched beep when the board comes up.

How can I correct this? Perhaps the one single BIOS change I made has totally FUBAR'd this board?! I would have thought that the things I have done to this point would have reset the BIOS to defaults.

I have seen, as I said, numerous posts about this board and similar issues, with little to no information from support as far as what the problem could be, yet it seems widespread. I have contacted my vendor to see if I can do an RMA, but it troubles me that the board appears to respond to the keyboard, yet simply won't display video.


Any advice most welcome.
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Hello tucansam,

I have tested this from my side with the same board model and I have not been able to replicate the issue. Can you try different cable and straight connection (no video adapters)?

Kevin m


Have tried three HDMI-DVI cables and two DVI cables with the included HDMI/DVI adapter. No luck on any front.


Please try straight connection (no adapters). We have received reports from customers where the video convertor is causing the problem.

Kevin M


Here is what I have tried:

Cable with HDMI on one end, DVI on the other (two different ones) -- no luck. This is the "straight connection" you are talking about.

Cable with DVI on both ends plus the adapter Intel included (two different cables) -- no luck.

PCIeX1 VGA card -- no luck.

I thought for sure the PCIeX1 card would work. But it didn't. System powers on for a few seconds, shuts down for just a sec, and then comes back up, no video output at any point using any method described above. Wash, rinse, repeat. I don't have displayport so I can't try that.

Board is going back to the vendor for a refund. First Intel motherboard I have ever had problems with, and I've used dozens. Guess I know why Intel got out of the mini-ITX motherboard market. I will be buying an Asrock instead.


I have a problem with DVB card (PCIe slot) on the motherboard: DN2800MT and DQ77KB

Intel does not want to correct the BIOS!!!

I wrote to the customer service! Waiting for an answer: 280716 280716

" I apologize for the delay in getting back you. We had this issue escalated up the chain but unfortunately we have no validation reports or testing on any of the cards that you reported before....

Engineering confirmed that the following cards were tested and had no issues...

I understand that this is not the answer you would like to hear but at this point this is all we have, there are no plans to test additional devices with this board..."