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DQ77KB sudden power on failure


Hi folks,

Has anybody seen an issue with the DQ77KB mainboard suddenly refusing to power up?

This feels like it's going to be a warranty claim type of thing, but I'm still hoping to find a fix that doesn't involve sending the hardware back.

In a nutshell the mainboard has been running fine for a couple of months, I had just powered the machine down and as it runs headless and had moved it to a new location, plugged it into a monitor, keyboard, etc as I wanted to upgrade the bios. A task I had just on another identical machine (they form 2 nodes in my virtualisation lab).

After plugging in said machine and pressing the power button, all I get is a brief spin on the fans (CPU and chassis) and the blue light towards the rear of the motherboard flashes on for about 1 second. Otherwise, no output. I haven't changed anything about the machines hardware since I built it back in early Feb 2013.

Since this, I've tried swapping all the hardware, SSD, CPU, RAM from the other identical working machine and nothing, the issue definitely seems to be mainboard related.

I've also tried disconnecting the power and CMOS battery and leaving it for an hour just to be absolutely sure, nothing.

On a whim I tried the MBEX reset jumper, didn't actually expect that to do it, but clutching at straws right now

Any tips, ideas, gladly appreciated? Anything obvious I've overlooked?

Kind regards, Keith

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Hello Keif,

Since you already preformed all the require troubleshooting, please try one more thing before replacing the motherboard.


Please proceed to test the motherboard with minimal configuration but out of the chassis to discard any grounding issue. (Motherboard, processor, power supply)


If you continue having the same behavior, feel free to contact your local Intel support group for assistance on replacing your product if it is still under warranty:





Thanks for the suggestion Silvia, I've just done the test you suggested and no change I'm afraid.

The board is on it's way back to Intel for replacement later today, I logged a warranty claim yesterday via the support line. To Intel's credit, the chap on the support line clearly knew what I he was talking about and he made the experience quite painless as I talked him through all that I had done so far.

Thanks again for your suggestion, that was definitely something I had overlooked.

Cheers, Keith