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DQ77MK + Seagate ST4000DX on eSATA == Fail


As per title, I am trying to use a 4TB Seagate drive on the eSATA port, and having a problem.

The DQ77MK is running the latest BIOS Version 0064 - MKQ7710H.86A.0064.2013.1003.1058

I am running Windows-7 64bit with all the current updates, and am running Intel RST having also tried

Intel RST recognises and identifies the drive correctly.

Windows disk management is very slow to recognize the drive and when I try to initialize the drive as a GPT disk, it fails with an unknown I/O error.

I have eliminated the possibility of my external eSATA drive enclosure causing an issue, by connecting the drive directly to the eSATA port using an eSTATA to SATA cable.

This is looking to me like either a firmware or driver issue, but I don't know where to go from here.

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You may want to make sure the drive receives enough power when plugged to the eSATA port; you may also test the drive in a SATA port just to make sure it works properly. A firmware update may help too.


Problem was eventually traced to a faulty controller on the HDD. Windows and RST were able to identify the drive correctly, and the drive appeared to be ok, but failed when trying to write with an unknown I/O error. Replacing the drive's controller (via warranty repair) fixed the issue, and now it's working as expected.