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DQ77MK et bad install of XP.

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After buy my new MB, I install Seven. Everything was fine with installation. But my softwares were no compatibles.

So I'm installing xp pro :

I use a cd-rom ( usb ) and cd xp. Formatting is ok, install is ok but at the end when system delete last tempory files cursor is paralysed and everything stop/block. I have to turnoff the pc. When I turn on pc xp start but as soon as I close xp the same block happens.

So the system is unusable at all.

I test different HD ( WD blue 3.5 and ssd intel 520 series ) with same trouble.

Bios version is 0054.

Do you have information to help me ?

Thanks in advance.

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Hello vanilla,


I recommend you to go in to BIOS, load the defaults and change the SATA configuration to IDE under the configuration tab and try the operating system installation. If the problem continues, you may be using a part that is not fully compatible or working properly.


Please note that Windows* XP is not fully supported on this motherboard.



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Of course in bios I have Sata as IDE, because no driver is published about PCH in AHCI with xp for this MB.

Do you think in the future Intel will publishes that ?

Thank you very much for your help.

I update Bios ( 0056) with last version.

I solved my trouble with nLite ( probably the adding SP3 in my customized cd install ).

Could you give me information to turn-On my pc with keyboard. I find nothing about APM (Advenced Power Management) in the Bios ?