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DQ77MK no usb boot


Dear community,

I am not used to set my own pc from parts as I use to have macs.

But I set up one.

So I bought this famous DQ77MK, cpu (core i7) and ram.

I can boot in the uefi and see my whole ram (32gb) and my sata disks (2x500 Hitachi).

But not my msata disk...

I insert my usb boot drive (windows 7) but I can't boot on this usb key.

I have an usb iso-to-dvd-emulator disk case.

It works perfectly on all computer I have seen so far, but when I try it on the DQ77mk, still saying I have to insert a bootable device.

My goal is to install ESXi after that.

I don't think it is because of my other hardware (ram, disks) as I can see them in the bios.

I am stuck and beg for your help...

thanks a lot

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Hello Slaguerre,

Something very important is to verify that the hard drives are connect to the blue or the black SATA ports, since the gray SATA connector is multiplexed with the mSATA, that means that you are able to use the mSATA or the gray SATA, but not both at the same time.