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DQ87PG and TXT issues


I have sort-of "bricked" two DQ87PG boards in 1 day trying to get Intel TXT to work.

Both of these boards have been updated to the 20130606 BIOS.

There are just a lot of weird things with this board and TXT. Here are some issues I have encountered.

1. On board# 1, I triggered the chassis intrusion detector on purpose. After this was triggered, it was impossible to boot the system with TXT enabled.

I tried: a) Turning off chassis intrusion detection b) clearing CMOS c) Reinstalling the 0606 BIOS d) Resetting the BIOS.

The system boots fine without TXT.

So I went out and bought *another* DQ87PG today. That board was "bricked" differently.

2. Weird thing. When I enabled TXT, the TPM was *already* owned. That is rather unusual and there is no option in the BIOS to clear the TPM. However, there is the option of removing a jumper to clear the TPM (BIOS "Configuration" mode). I did that, but as soon as I removed that jumper (without clearing the TPM), the system would not boot with TXT.

3. After clearing the TPM using the BIOS Configuration mode, the system still does not boot in TXT mode.

With all these various failure modes, I wonder what is required to get the DQ87PG board properly *configured* to use TXT without bricking it?

Has anyone else had success with this board and a real TXT setup with a working LCP?ot

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Hello black3,

I am sorry for this inconvenience.

Please allow us more time to look into this issue.



I am sorry for the delayed response.

Please update to latest BIOS (0143).

As best practice we recommend incremental updates skipping every few other versions.