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DQ87PG - would not boot/post/enter BIOS if SATA port 0 is used.


I just bought a new DQ87PG, a new i3-4330, a new Haswell certified Corsair Vengence 8Gb DDR3, a new PSU with Gold and

Haswell certification and also 3x WD 500Gb Black + 1xSSD Corsair Force Series GT 90GB.

I have updated the bios to the latest v.0146 (4/24/2014).

The problem is that DQ87PG would not boot/post/enter BIOS if SATA port 0 is used. It will show a "bios has detected unsuccessful POST attempt(s). Press Y or N" ...and even if pressing Y to enter Bios or N to use the old settings it will not do either of this, it just hangs showing the "F2 - enter bios, F7-update bios, .... Ctrl+P ". None of them works except Ctrl+Alt+Del for reboot.

Free the SATA 0 port and problem solved. But this is not acceptable as I intent to use all 6 SATA ports.

This problem is just plain stupid and in my 20 years experience of building PCs it is the first time I see this bug. I plan to return the mainboard if the next BIOS update will not solve this bug.

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Hello Ninja Skinja, I'm sorry for the inconvenience you care experiencing with your motherboard.


Would you please test your system using the previous BIOS version 0145 and let me know the results?


We haven't received a customer with a similar issue.