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DX58SO QPI/Uncore Voltage Override Problem


I have DX58SO with the latest BIOS (5600) and X5650.

The problem is that I can not set the Performance Memory Profiles in Memory configuration.

If I do, the system can not boot and goes back to default.

I could change the memory settings without any issues through Intel Desktop Control Center, though. I noticed that the uncore voltage is hidden in the bus speed section in Intel Desktop Control Center and in Intel Extreme Tuning Utility.

So I think that the problem is that I see that option in the BIOS, and if I set it, I could not boot.

Is it possible to change the uncore for my xeon?

If so, how?

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Hello Stefandg, thanks for joining the Intel community.

It is important to mention that this system combination has not been validated by Intel. The following link will show you the list of processor compatibles with the DX58SO motherboard.

Bear in mind that the Xeon 5650 processor is not unlocked; therefore it may be not allowing you to change the memory configuration. In addition, if you are setting a very high XMP on the system, it may not be able to handle it.