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DX58SO board not recognizing any USB drives

Just got done building my computer w/ DX58S0 board and i7 w/ Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. Everything looks good except that none of the USB ports recognize any external USB drives. I tried a Samsung S2 250 GB drive as well as a 16GB flash drive. I know the USB ports are working because both USB keyboard and mouse works, plug the USB hard drives into the same port, nothing. However, it does sent power to the drives. Loaded the latest BIO and drivers for the board. Check Device Manager in Windows, and everything looks good, no unknown device, ! or ? or X showing in Device Manager. Has anyone run into the same problem? Thanks in advance.

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Re: DX58SO board not recognizing any USB drives

We have not received reports on similar issues with this board. Due to this, you may want to contact out technical department for further assistance on your issue.

When you plug something into the USB ports, what does the BIOS show? Are they recognized? If the USB mouse and keyboard work, seems there is something different on those USBs not working, causing a conflict.

You could clear CMOS first and then try a BIOS Recovery:

Contact phone numbers for the different Support Centers available:

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