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DX58SO memory upgrate

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Hello everyone, I have the DX58SO with i7 920. At this time i have 3x1Gb=3Gb total memory at 1333MHz. I think that because i7 920 my memery runs only up to 1066MHZ am i right? I want to upgrate my memory to 12Gb (3x4Gb) doew my system suports this? I Have windows 7 X64. I have two diferent choisew about what ram i shoud buy. The first one is the Corsair CMP12GX3M3A1600C9 ( Dominator® with DHX Pro Connector and Airflow II Fan — 12GB Triple Channel DDR3 Memory Kit (CMP12GX3M3A1600C9) - Dominator - Memory by Product Family ) and my next choose is Kingston KVR1333D3E9SK3/12G I wonder which one is beter for my system and please i want your opinion. Thank you very much for your answer.

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We would like to inform you that the memory controller on the I7-920 cpu will support DDR3 800/1066 MHz only. The memories you mentioned have frequencies higher than the one supported by the processor, so they will eventually damage the memory controller unless they have XMP profiles that will reduce the frequency to 1066MHz.