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DX58SO with HD 7950 not working !!



i recently got a gigabyte hd 7950. When i installed it my system, it didn't go beyond the splash screen. I thought the psu that am using was not enough (CX500), so got a bigger psu (GS700). Still the problem was the same.

Am using DX58SO mobo for almost 4 years and is working fine with my Sapphire HD 5770. So to further investigate i got my friends' very old MSI p7n platinum and it worked !! The graphic card accepted the mobo or should i say the mobo accepted the graphic card ?? this board too has 2XPCIE2.0 16x slots.

So, the problem seems to be my Intel DX58SO. Am stuck !! i've tried updating my bios (the last bios update for DX58SO - 5/2012), removing and installing new drivers.


I tried updating the bios on the 7950 too when i installed it in my friends computer, but it already has the latest one.

pls help me with this ! why did this work on a mobo which was a lot older than mine ? has intel stopped supporting its old motherboards ? if its bios related pls roll out a patch or a newer version and do not suggest me to go for a different mobo as I cant afford to get a new one now.


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Please bear in mind that this product has reached its End of Life and it marked to be as End of Interactive Support in June 28th, so Intel may not longer provide interactive support for this product via telephone, chat or e-mail and software updates would not be available. More information on this is available here:

Concerning your issue, if other video cards are working fine in the same slots, latest BIOS is used in the motherboard and latest firmware is installed in the video card, and the video card works fine in another system, it seems to be that there is an isolated compatibility problem with that specific motherboard and video card combination.

What you could try at this point would be to test with different BIOS versions and trying to disable non used peripherals on the BIOS to free system resources.