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DX58SO2 HDD question

Have the DX58SO2 MB purchased in built system in April this year. Installed an Intel SDD for the OS - works great - except is a 3GB SATA instead of 6GB SATA - oh well. Also installed a 1TB WD 6GB SATA and a 750GB WD 3GB SATA.

Ran WDs disk diagnostic tool and net result is that WD send me replacements for both drives. Did not know there was evfan a problem until WDs disk diag toll said there was. Used Acronis to clone the 1TB disk to the new 1TB - installed and worked fine. The 750GB just reformatted - no problems. Well now a few days later ran the WD diag tool (long test) and it failed as there were too many bad partitions. Bottom line three of four WD drives are bad. So am planning on going to Seagate Barricuda 3TB drive.

Question is - will the MB support a 3TB drive - I have done no updates to the MB BIOS.

Thanks for your thoughts - Ken

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Re: DX58SO2 HDD question

3TB drives are supported. Make sure you are configured for AHCI in the BIOS (which you should be by default). If you want to boot from a drive that is larger than 2TB, you need to enable UEFI in the BIOS as well...

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