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DX58SO2 X58 chip (IOH) seems hot

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CPU core temperature 41c

IOH Temperature 64c

Ambient Motherboard Temperature 44c

Just cheking the system with the Extreme Tuning Utility and saw this. The IOH is 20c higher. Is that normal?

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Okay ... from the research I did this looks okay. They even list the normal operating temp between 70 and 80c.

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I'm quite worried myself with the temperatures I've got with same MB as poster here.

My setup:

DX58SO2 + Intel Core I7 990X Extreme 3,4GHz // All my drivers + bios are up to date.

Idle temperatures:

CPU core temperature 41C

IOH Temperature 64C

Ambient Motherboard Temperature 46C

Intel Extreme Tuning Utility stress test for CPU:

CPU Core temperatature: ~93C = Get a warning from my Intel Desktop utitlities -> to hight temperature!

When playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Full graphics 1680x1050):

CPU core temperature 69C

My I/O Hub temp goes +80C = Get a warning from my Intel Desktop utitlities -> to high temperature!

Should I be worried? Or just increase the 'warning' threshold in 'Intel Desktop Utilities' to avoid the popups? Anyone experiencing similar, or anyone that can confirm this is normal, or abnormal (risky) to continue without proper solution -> Cooling, re-install CPU FAN/Thermal Paste other suggestions?

Not used to these high temps from previous computer setups, but not used a Intel based motherboard until now.

Thanks for any help/confirmation from a worried individual

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CPU temperature in Battle field Bad Company 2 -> 78-82C

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Hi Frizzkyy,

your Idle temps seem ok, on my board with a i7 960 with a stock Intel heat sync, running at idle I was seeing 36-38C. during stress tests I would see temps of 74C. and while running an Autotune session I was seeing temps of 84C with the stress test set to stay within safe limits. while doing render testing and running renders for 2.5 hours straight I was seeing temps around 68C sustained. your processor probably gets a bit hotter then mine being a higher rated CPU with 6 cores. but I have to say that anything over 84C would be cause for alarm. If it was me I wouldn't want to see anything over 76C sustained.

Things that can help:

Good Thermal Paste for example: Arctic Silver 5

better air circulation in your computer case

The Intel Extreme Tuning Utility

I know everyone says use Arctic Silver. I have used it for years now and have had great results on several different builds. using this compound has proved to me that it actually does help lower the CPU temps by several Celsius. I have to mention that It does take a week or so for it to reach its full effect, I have encountered several people that didn't think it was helping but they didn't realize that you have give it about a week and its best during that time to cycle the computer on and off ,as apposed to leaving it on 24/7 as some folks do.

Better air circulation in your computer case, I know this is a generic suggestion but I have no idea what type of case or cooling you are using so I thought I'd throw it out there. Intel recommends TAC computer cases, TAC = Thermally Advantaged Chassis. HAF is another, HAF+ is a high air flow term related to chassis.

The Intel Extreme Tuning Utility, this software allows you to set your CPU and case fan speeds as long as they are plugged into the motherboard. it lets you set temps when the fan speeds will ramp up or slow down. Many people keep there fans all on all the time, once again I have no idea what your setup is. when using air cooling you have to conceder ambient air temps also.

80C+ would have me worried.

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93c for the cpu on a stress test thats more worrying, what cooler are you using? im overclocking my i7 950 to 4ghz and when under stress it just about hits 65c.

but im using a coolermaster hyper 212 with a delta ffb fan attached.

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I'm having the same temperature problems with this Motherboard (DX58SO2).I freakedout when I saw my IOH temperature IDLE at 80c ish.I read somewhere at Intel that the northbridge chip is rated at 93c.I installed extra directional fans over the northbridge and brought the temperature down 15degreees.but on stress test or gaming, it skyrockets to those crashing temperatures.Am looking into investing on a aftermarket cooler.One of the best on the market i believe is the Thermalright HR-55. I think the problem with this Motherboard's temperature is the Skull logo stock northbridge heatsink.

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Keep in mind that I am using a I7 960 with a Noctua aftermarket cooler (don't recall which one since I have had it for a couple years). I would expect an I7 990 could run a bit higher.

Intel Extreme Tuning Utility is showing

CPU core temperature 33c

IOH Temperature 54c

Ambient Motherboard Temperature 39c

Room temp is 20c (it is still chilly in Nebraska)


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I have a similar problem with the IOH routinely hitting 72 C+ in a game.

Looking at the MB, I can see that my GTX560ti video card (GPU) is right next to the stock i7-960 CPU fan in the primary PCI-e slot. Is there any impact from moving the GPU down to the secondary slot and leaving the primary open and thereby getting more airflow over the IOH?

CPU in the game rarely gets over 61 C, but the IOH gets real hot according to the Intel Extreme Tuning and Desktop Utilities keeps throwing an alert at 72 C. Even in a stress test the CPU will not get over 88 C with 100% utilization and stock fan all on. Interestingly the IOH stays under 71 C. I am going to re-do the thermal paste with Arctic Silver.

However, the primary question is still the issue of moving the GPU to the secondary slot.

Thanks in advance.

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hello, i have a dx58so2 or the dx58so not sure windows says dx58so2 but cpuid says its the other, but the problem is my southbridge is hitting 100c but the cpu is at 29c and ambient mobo is at 40, at idle with a fan cooling it @93c, iv had this mobo for 8months ran great up until a couple moths back originally thought ioh was northbridge but its the southbridge, now @90, with about 7 tabs open the only other possibility is the psu not supplying enough juice, although i have no choice but to use a 4pin molex convertor to a 4pin cpu, else i have to use a 300w old xp psu but it did the job the 300w kept it stable @around 65 wich isnt bad to be fair i think i have to many fans attached was running ok till i use extra fans more power,i cannot get hold of a 8 pin from psu to 4+4 pin looked everywhere not a clue, but im running at the moment....

aerocool strike x (white)

DX58S02 or DX58SO

i7 980x

gt 630 2gb ddr3

and thermaltalke 500w psu

8gb ddr3@1333mhz

500gb 32mb cache tosiba

160mb 8mb cache,sata seagate

no optical drives,

hdd drives are mounted and cooled seperatley.

my computer has never been this bad i shall unplug fans and see what happens

thanks billy