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DX79 SR sleep modes

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Hello, I have just put a new system together consisting of the DX79SR motherboard, the i7-3820 processor with windows 7.

When I first power on the system I can go into sleep mode and the monitor will shut off, the hard drive light will blink the fans shut off and most of the motherboard LED's will go out including the status indicator. I can then wake the system normally with the mouse, keyboard or start button. The system will wake and the status indicator will show 30.

If I do anything with the system such as open my web browser or email and then shut them down, then try to enter sleep mode. The system will turn off the monitor and show a 03 on the status indicator and just sit there with the fans going and all of the lights on the motherboard stay lit. At this point I can not wake the system with anything, the mouse, keyboard or start button. I have to restart to get the system back.

Any ideas what is causing this?

I also have two other issues with this motherboard. 1) the WIFI / bluetooth receiver is not working. Device manager shows it as being turned off by windows because it is not working properly. I've re-installed drivers to no avail. 2) the onboard speaker does not work. I get no beeps during POST.

Any advise is appreciated.

TIA, Keith

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I have found the solution for this problem to be disabling the intel XTU service. Here is the original post.