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DX79SI - how much time it takes to get a video post?

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Hello to all who will take some time to read my message!

I am sorry in advance for my poor English...

Here is the parts I have :

- motherboard DX79SI with the latest BIOS (0553)

- CPU i7-3960x

- 32 gb DDR3 Corsair Dominator

- Video card: Asus Geforce 550 ti 1gb.

- Power supply: Enermax SGalaxy 1200 watts

My problem is that it takes about 13-15 seconds to get the video post on the monitor, i mean that it takes this time to get the signal needed to turn on the monitor.

I have tried several configuration in the BIOS and tried different BIOS version and I still have that slowlyness at startup.

I would love to get feedback of people from Intel or anyone who got the exact same model of motherboard DX79SI. If you are one of these could you tell me how much time your DX79SI takes to gets video post? 2 seconds? 5 seconds?

I think that 15 seconds to get the video post is very too long for the money i spent in this machine, i have tried to disable all unecessary thing and the problem is still there.

I thank you so much for you time....

In hope to get some feedback because I think the board is defective and I need your advice beforce calling a RMA.


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I have the same problem as mentionned by johnnybegood.When my computer was brand new a 10 seconds delay was necessary to unable me to navigate on the web. I think something is wrong with this motherboard.Now the delay is 25 seconds which is inaccepable considering the price paid for the Intel board.Needless to say that I am very disappointed and I'm wondering where are the Intel's engineers? It's not easy to work with their support department a real pain and lost of time. So please try to solve my issue.